Resources to Learn Fluid (Wet) Mounting Techniques


Disclaimer:  The information on this webpage is provided as a courtesy to help you educate yourself and is not complete in terms of safety warnings or procedures.  Fluid mounting has risks, so proceed with caution.  The suggestions are provided "as is" and without any endorsement or guarantee that they are safe or accurate.  You should not attempt fluid mounting unless you are comfortable that you fully understand the process and risks.  The resources on this page may or may not provide you with enough information to mitigate the inherent dangers.  Don't proceed with fluid mounting until you are sure you fully understand the risks.


R. Mac Holbert at Nash Editions has a great tutorial on how to fluid mount on a flatbed scanner (warning: sometimes this .pdf can be slow to download): 


Here is Ernst Dinkla's excellent message describing fluid mounting that was posted in the ScanHi-End Yahoo Group:


Here is a good video by the people at Aztek (who distribute Kami fluid) in regard to general instructions for fluid mounting to a flatbed scanner:



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