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Fixed Height and Variable Height Versions Now Available!


Variable height versions allow you to optimize the film suspension height to the optimum height for your particular scanner's optics.

See the Variable Height Advantage!
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***NEW***  Due to numerous requests from our customers, new drop-in adapters for our film holders have been developed.  We have been working on the prototypes for quite a while to develop a good solution in order to expand the capabilities of the MF Holder.  They will incorporate anti-Newton Ring (ANR) glass plus take advantage of the variable height functionality to maximize sharpness and adapt MF Film Holders to scan smaller formats such as 35 mm, 126 and 110 formats.  If you are interested in one of these adapters, please send us an email to be added to the upcoming announcement/emailing that will be sent as soon as the units are ready to ship.  Please email us at and be sure to tell us the specific format(s) that interest you.  Thanks!


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Epson® Canon® Microtek® Agfa®
1680 4490 8800F i900 DuoScan
2450 4870 9000F ArtixScan 1800f DuoScan T1200
3170 4990 9000F II M1 / F1 Other Agfa® Models
3200 V500 & V550   Other Microtek® Models  
4180 V600      
GT-X820 V700      
GT-X900 & 970 V750 & V750-M      
  V800 & V850-M/Pro      

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The Variable Height Mounting Station


Mounting stations can be configured to allow for either fluid mounting only or (optionally) both fluid and dry mounting.  They incorporate variable height adjusting so the film height can be calibrated to maximize a scanner's focus/sharpness.  Both mounting stations can be adapted to allow you to scan pieces of film from slightly larger than 5"x7" down to 110 Instamatic format and smaller!  It is great for "full frame" scanning. 






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The Dual MF Film Holderä for Agfa®,

 Microtek® and Similar

 Now you can scan strips of film and DO NOT have to cut your film into single frames!




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The Dual MF Film Holderä for the

Epson® V700, V750 and V750-M


More robust construction, T-locks give added control with troublesome film and longer film channels add flexibility







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The Variable Height MF Film
ä  For Canon®

8000 and 9000 Series Flatbeds





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The Variable Height MF Film Holderä for Epson®



MF Holdersä  are Your Solution for Better Flatbed Scanning of Medium Format Film Strips

Anti Newton Ring Glass Inserts
These are
used with longer panoramic films, films narrower than 120/220, and with films that are arched or curled.

Works with the MF Film Holderä  models only


Works with the Original Equipment Epson® 35 mm holder only



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The MF 120/220 ANR Insert

 Works with the 120/220 MF Film Holderä  models designed to work with Epson® scanners (not Agfa® or Microtek®)




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The 35 mm ANR Insert

 Works with the original equipment (OEM) Epson® 35 mm holder.

Very Popular with XPan Users!





Special Purchase:

8x10 Anti-Newton Ring Glass Insert

 This special glass can work with many scanners to help flatten/press film against the glass bed while minimizing Newton Rings.  It will be slightly larger than 8"x10" and is intended to fit just within the boundaries of  the "Film Area Guide" supplied with the Epson® V Series scanners.  We try to keep a small number of these in stock.  Email me at if you would like to order one.


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