Holders and Products That Work with the
Epson 1680 Scanner

Variable height allows you to optimize the film suspension height

to the optimum height for your particular scanner's optics.

See the Variable Height Advantage!
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The Variable Height MF Film Holder





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The 120/220 ANR Insert


An anti-Newton Ring glass insert accessory.  Used with longer panoramic films, severely arched or curled film and can be adapted for use with films narrower than 120/220 .  It works with the MF Film Holder  models designed to work with Epson scanners.

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The BetterScanning.com Variable Height Mounting Station


Mounting stations can be configured to allow for either fluid mounting only or (optionally) both fluid and dry mounting.  They incorporate variable height adjusting so the film height can be calibrated to maximize a scanner's focus/sharpness.  Both mounting stations can be adapted to allow you to scan pieces of film from slightly larger than 5"x7" down to 110 Instamatic format and smaller!  It is great for "full frame" scanning. 

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