Pricing for a single Dual MF Holder for Agfa, Microtek and similar 


For a SINGLE Holder only:


Add MF Film Holder         $99.95 each

Add Shipping               9.90 (USPS 2-3 Day PRIORITY!)

Add PayPal handling fee    2.25 (only required if using any type of PayPal)

Add - Georgia Sales Tax?     7.0% of Total (U.S. state of GA residents only!!!)

Optional Insurance         2.00

Optional - Extra T-lock      2.50 (price when ordered with holder)



Methods of Payment:


Note:  All payments must be made in U.S. dollar denominated money orders, checks, etc.


Money Order - United States Postal Service money orders are preferred because they provide maximum safety for both of us.  These orders will be shipped without delay.  Other money orders are acceptable, but they may be held for up to 7 business days if they cannot be verified to DSF OmniCorp, LLCs satisfaction (e.g. American Express money orders usually provide confirmation via phone).


Personal Check these orders will be shipped when your check clears (up to 7 business days from DSF OmniCorp, LLC's receipt of your check).  Returned/insufficient funds checks will positively incur a $35 returned check charge!


Cash you may send cash totally at your own risk (in U.S. dollars only).  I will not be held liable for cash funds that fail to reach me.


Credit Cards and PayPal PayPal is the only way I can process credit cards.  If you do not have a PayPal account, I can send you an electronic invoice from PayPal that should include a link that will let you make a one-time credit card payment without opening a PayPal account.  You must let me know which exact options you want (e.g. insurance) so that I can send an invoice with the correct amount.


All PayPal payments must be in U.S. dollar denominated funds.  This is a very minimal handling charge to cover the extra time and resources I must dedicate to accept these transactions.  It is still cheaper and faster than getting a money order.  I dont feel it is fair to raise my prices for those who dont utilize PayPal, so that is why the extra handling charge only applies to purchases made via PayPal.


To Submit an Order:

If you have question before ordering, please email us directly at  Please do NOT fill out this order form until you are sure your questions have been answered.


To initiate an order, please fill in the appropriate information, and then click submit.  An e-mail will be sent to me and I will respond to you as soon as possible. 


Brand and model number of your scanner(s): 


How many film holders do you wish to order?

(Ordering multiple units will increase shipping costs a relatively small amount per additional unit)


How many extra T-locks do you wish to order for your Agfa/Microtek holder (it ships with 8)? 


How do you want your order shipped? 


Do you want shipping insurance? 


This order will be shipped to the following region: 


What method do you wish to use for payment? 


Complete first and last name:                          


Your primary email contact address:                          


Please reconfirm your primary email address:                          


Complete telephone number in case of any last minute questions (yes, even international phone numbers!):



Is this telephone number for home, work, or cell? 


Complete NAME and ADDRESS formatted EXACTLY as you wish it to appear on your package. Make sure to include any apartment or suite numbers as well as a postal/zip code:



Optional: Special comments regarding your order (not for general questions - please send those to before ordering)



You must click on the "Submit" button above to initiate your order.  If your submission is successful, you should be forwarded to a confirmation page.


I will send you a reply e-mail as soon as possible confirming your order, verifying the final cost and sending you final payment instructions.  Please do not send payment until you receive a confirmation e-mail from me!!


Thank you!


Please contact me immediately if you should have a problem with your order and I will make every reasonable effort to correct it as quickly as possible. 


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