Using the Variable Height Mounting Station

Film can be either "fluid" mounted or "dry" mounted (dry mounting requires the optional version of the mounting station that includes anti-Newton glass).  The following pages discuss how the mounting station is used with each method:

Adapting Your Current Fluid Mounting Workflow to the BetterScanning Mounting Station

Using the BetterScanning Mounting Station for Dry Mounting

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Before using your mounting station for the first time, you will need to calibrate the mounting frame to determine the optimum film suspension height for your particular scanner (it can vary from scanner to scanner!) and you need to prepare the light mask(s) for your particular film size(s).

Instructions for adjusting the BetterScanning Mounting Station's height are found here:

Instructions for Determining the Optimal Variable Film Suspension Height

The BetterScanning Mounting Station easily adapts to different film formats:

Custom Cutting the Provided Light Masks for Your Mounting Station


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