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Here are some "exploded" diagrams published by Epson for a few of the Epson flatbed scanners.  If you are needing to open up your scanner to clean or repair it, these can help you with the process of dismantling your scanner.  They are in Adobe Acrobat's .pdf file format.  "Right click" on a link and "save as" to download the file to your computer.  Click the link directly if you just want to view the file in your browser's window.








V Series (V700, V750, V750-M)

For a good general tutorial on dismantling Epson flatbeds, you might want to look in the Files section of the Epson "Pro-sumer" Scanner group at Yahoo Groups.  Click here and then scroll down to find the  "Dismantling Epson Flatbeds" file.  The tutorial is targeted at the 2450/3200/4870 but is helpful for other models since they are so similar.  Here is a link to another dismantling tutorial that shows the 4990: Second tutorial.  Read both of the tutorials and you should gain enough information to get you going.

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