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Here are some "exploded" diagrams published by Epson for a few of the Epson flatbed scanners.  If you are needing to open up your scanner to clean or repair it, these can help you with the process of dismantling your scanner.  They are in Adobe Acrobat's .pdf file format.  "Right click" on a link and "save as" to download the file to your computer.  Click the link directly if you just want to view the file in your browser's window.











V7xx Series (V700, V750, V750-M)

V8xx Series (V800, V850)


Epson V7xx Repair Manual:


Here is a good written tutorial on getting the caps off that are covering the screws on the V7xx and V8xx scanners:

Here is a good video on opening and cleaning the V7xx and V8xx scanners.  A word of caution - You really want to work in a dust-free environment because dust settling back down during cleaning can be a problem.  Running a hot shower to steam up a very well-cleaned bathroom will "grab" the remaining dust out of the air.  Then keep the door closed and let the bathroom cool.  You now have a "clean room," therefore, only open the bathroom door once to enter with your scanner and tools in order to minimize bringing in more dust.  Also, if you are going to clean the mirrors, you must be very careful and fully clean them without leaving any dust behind or your scanner might perform worse than before.

If you want to see things from another viewpoint, here is a second video but it is not as detailed:

For a good general tutorial on dismantling older Epson flatbeds, you might want to look in the Files section of the Epson "Pro-sumer" Scanner group at Yahoo Groups.  Click here and then scroll down to find the  "Dismantling Epson Flatbeds" file.  The tutorial is targeted at the 2450/3200/4870 but is helpful for other models since they are so similar. 


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